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The story goes xvideos in that the technology had been completely abandoned and another path was pursued after centuries of work had been lost in split seconds. It had been a devastating blow and nearly caused the Thorens to lose the war against the Velo. The stealth technology was still active according to the panel. It made sense to me now why it had not been discovered already by the Thorens and xvideos xvideos why I couldn't see behind its walls. To say www.xvideos com that this ship was massive wouldn't even begin to explain the size. A sphere major while looking at it in the sky looked as big as the moon, was xvideo in reality only about a mile in x-videos diameter. This ship could easily have held ten of them. A xvideo.com hologram appeared before me. "Greetings." It said in the old dialect. "I am Captain Talp of the Battlecruiser Cystos. It seems you have found our tomb and are worthy of it. Chronometer readings indicate that cloak has been maintained for 687,000 years. We changed the DNA sequence indicator to allow only Human and Thoren Hybrids to enter onto this ship. We did this for two reasons. One, left to our own devices, we corrupted a civilization letting them worship us as gods, and as self inflicted punishment removed them xvideos mom and ourselves from this existence. It was our hope that should ever a Thoren/Human hybrid find it, that it would be used with a better purpose than what brought us here." The hologram continued in the old language "The second reason is far less pleasant. Either the Thorens have lost the war and have run so far from our own system that they are near extinction. If tamil xvideos that is the case, then a new tactic must be pursued, and we have found this species has great potential for genetic compatibility. Second, we have won the war and have completely taken over the known galaxies spreading further than any one species should ever control." "Logic dictated that we create a www.xvideo situation where neither, full blooded Human or Thoren could enter this ship. One People or One xxvideos Race may not enter. By this, we ensured that both species would live on so neither could gain an advantage over the other. A natural melding of species would have to occur. You DNA structure has already been scanned and entered into the system. You and only those like you or with a natural strain variant of your DNA will xvideoss be allowed entrance unless you specify otherwise. Anything attempting to enter the ship will be instantly destroyed without warning as was I and my copilot once we started this program." "I hope it is good fortune that has brought you here xvideos and not our fears. We have since corrected the cloaking technology that placed us here and the ship is now fully functional and at your command. Only you, your mate, or your descendants may command or destroy this ship. Control of this ship can be relinquished, but only for a maximum of 100 hours, upon which time if you, your mate, or a descendant hasn't indicated otherwise, the ship will self destruct." "Ship schematics and technology are available at xvidio any computer interface to any whom you grant access. Media scanning xvideos porno has indicated xvidos several thousand languages written and spoken over the last 687,000 years. Please select your preferred interface language." It said for the last time in the old dialect. "21st century English". I x video answered. "Personality level" the hologram asked. "Level of what?" I asked. "Personality x videos.com level" the hologram repeated. "What do you mean level... level xvidos.com as pertaining to what?" I asked again. "Please indicate a level setting www.xvideo.com gay xvideos between 1 and 5." "Fuck.. Okay.. lets go for middle of the road... 'Personality Level 3'" I said more of a guess than an answer. "Personality level 3 encoded. Program complete." The hologram spoke and then xvideos anal faded. japanese xvideos xvedio The entire ship came to life. Everything was now lit in a light I wasn't quite used to. It wasn't the bright of the xxx videos day, and it wasn't the blue of the Thorens nor was it the artificial light in xvideos. com the complex that never stretched more xvieos than a few feet. This light made dark flesh seem darker and pale skin seem even whiter. This light stretched tamil xvideos on forever. "Follow the indicator lights on the side walls to find your quarters. Make it quick... I can't have you sleeping in the x video halls like some homeless dude." xvideos teen The computer said with a voice of a 20th age young male voice. "Move your ass... I know you're tired" the computer replied. "Computer... what would have been the result if I had asked for Level 1 on personality?" I asked. "Then you would have had a royal bitch to contend with." "And if I had requested level xvideoss 5?" I asked. "That would have been the ice cube. No personality xvideos at all..." "How would I reset that?" "You can't... it was kind of their last joke before leaving this xvideo gay existence. You're stuck with me... get used to it... and get to bed." "Damn, I'd hate to see the bitch mode." I mumbled as I followed the lights xvideos video indicating the direction to my quarters. "I heard that." I xvideos video paused and xvideos com took a moment to collect myself. I was exhausted.... I had been down here for quite a while now. With the travel and all this it had to be well past midnight. I followed the movement of the lights until they terminated at an entrance arch. I sent the command to 'OPEN' and the arch cleared and I walked into the room. "Damn!" I said as I looked around as the arch closed behind me. www.xvideos.com "Sweet ain't it... Good Night Captain" I had memories of luxury and the feel of such fine cloth against my body, but my skin had never truly touched it other than the clothes I had taken from xxvideo Kelay. The room wasn't www xvideos com large so much as it was functional, but when you've slept in a cave for xvideo com 1600 years this seemed pretty fucking nice. My last upgrade from stone floor and feather stuffed fabric to my quarters in the complex had seemed massive. This; however, made that pale in comparison. xxvideo There www.xvideos com was a large sleeping area that you could easily walk around without tripping that hosted a very wide bed. It was big enough to have xvidio slept 4 in the right position. There was a table set up and two chairs and a couch directly in front of the entrance. The grey chairs in the living area were thin xvideos.com by design and curved seamlessly from top to base in one solid piece in the shape of a hook. The couch looked as though it would comfortably seat two and matched the chairs in color, indian xvideos but not quite in design. It had been padded heavily so that if you were to sit the soft looking cushions would form to you. Beside each were short clear glass tables. Across from the entrance behind the sitting area xvedios xvideos.con were two large windows that now had stone for the view. It took my mind away imagining stars skimming across them. The bathroom to the right had a bathtub that would easily fit 3 people. The bathtub, sink, and toilet were all of a matching black and white cracked marbled xvideos download color. It was overwhelming. I would have to do more exploring tomorrow. Right now all I wanted to explore was the back of my eyelids. I stripped off my clothing stumbled over to xvide the enormous bed and climbed between the covers laying my head on the silky pillows. If I hadn't been so overwhelmed by sensation and exhaustion, I think I could have cum from the touch of the soft fabric sliding xvieos against my body. I finally woke from the best sleep I had ever remember having. I missed Bransen's embrace as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. Sliding from bed I went to the bathroom. I drew a huge bath of hot steamy water, and soaked in it until the water xvide was nearly cold. I felt refreshed beyond words. I toweled off xvideos tamil and went back to the sleeping area, opened the wardrobe, decided on a white opalescent pull over shirt with xvidos.com half sleeves and an opaque flat www.xvideo black set of tight pants. "I wonder what time it is." I mumbled to myself as I sat xxvideos on the bed. "It is 7:02 am Captain. The funny looking box with the numbers 7:02 across from you on the counter xvideoscom is your clock. It's an amazing coincidence I know." came the smart ass reply. Damn I thought... I really wish I would have picked a different level... I suppose it could be worse though. xvideos indonesia "Computer, do you have a name?" "Yes Captain, xvidios it is TK3400, but you may call me TK hd xvideos or computer." The voice replied. "Ahh... well TK, I have one as well, xvideos mom and it is Khore. From this point forward please address me in that fashion." I said stretching out my arms evicting the last remnants of sleep. "Whatever..." came the quick reply. "TK, I'm going to be leaving for a short while and when I return I will be bringing my Mate and Lover. I expect him to have full access. He will be the only one accompanying me so I don't want a xvideos hd fight about this." I said xvideos .com very xvideos red clearly. "Yes Khore..." TK answered with an exasperated sigh. xvideos hd The computer just sighed at me! It wasn't just xvideos indonesia a sigh, but it was a sigh with attitude! The previous inhabitants definitely had a twisted sense of humor. Due gay xvideos to the type of cloaking xxvideo this ship had I didn't want to chance folding space until I understood it better. The thought of emerging in a solid mass of rock did not thrill me. "TK," I said as I exited mom xvideos my quarters. "Show me to the bay I first arrived in please." "That would be xvideos free Cargo Bay 15." xvideos hentai Amber lights pulsed through the same narrow strip in the center of the wall I had followed to get here but now led in the opposite direction. I had a bounce japanese xvideos in xxxvideos my step that even I couldn't deny. I xvidios grabbed my bag free xvideos and made my way back toward the arch. I couldn't wait xvideos gay to see my Bransen again and get him in that great big bed! I entered the cargo bay and walked past www.xvideo the two terminals that rose from the floor. I commanded the arch to open and fished the flashlight from my bag. xvidio Turning www.xvideos com on the flashlight I went through the xvideos gays arch as it closed behind me. I turned into the darkness that now surrounded me and commanded the arch open and closed again to make sure that when I returned it would open. I made my way www.xvideos about 30 to 40 steps up the stairway before reaching my www.xvideos.com mind out to www.xvideo.com my room in the complex. It was empty and I folded space letting telugu xvideos the light slide me into my quarters. "Bransen... " I said bringing the wrist COM to my mouth. "Please come free xvideos to my quarters ASAP!" "Khore!?" was practically yelled back at me. "Yes hun it's me come quick!" I had xvidos barely finished the sentence when the door slid xvideos japan open with a clunk and Bransen ran in and picked me up spinning, nearly xvideos xvideos knocking the breath out of me. We xvideos japanese hugged and kissed as I xvide spied people walking past with a japanese xvideos smile as they averted their eyes before the door closed. We clung to each other for long tender moments before he put me back down. "Wow" he said backing x.videos away looking at me. xvideos. com "You look great! And those clothes. We don't xvidoes have that type of cloth here. Where have you been?" "That's what I want to show you. I think I have found our new tamil xvideos home. Not only that, but there is room enough xvideos .com for thousands of wwwxvideos us. He stood there eyeing me as though I had gone completely insane. "No it's true! Radio them that you will be leaving the facility for a few hours and I'll xvideos indonesia show you." I was practically crawling out of my skin as I was tugging on his arm at the wrist pushing the COM toward his mouth. "Okay! Okay!" He giggled and activated the COM. "Khore xvideos indian and I will be leaving the complex for approximately 2 hours. An emergency team meeting xvideos jp will be xvideos japan held in Conference room three on level five at 17:00 hours. Attendance is mandatory." "Grab a flash light and lets go! You're not going to believe this." I waited x videos as he took the flashlight I had removed from the shelf at my desk. "Hold me tight hun" I said x video.com as I pulled him xxxvideo in close grinding against him. Breathing him in as I nestled my head against his chest I folded us into the dark stairwell. I turned on my flashlight moments after Bransen loosened one videos x arm examining the walls and xvidos.com floor where x-videos we had emerged. "Ohhh... a dark stairwell?" I xvideos tamil heard the questions in his voice. "Follow me, and be careful it's steep. It's only about 50 foot further. x video We made our way to the bottom of the xvideos.con stairwell and I sent the command to open the arch. I took Bransen by the hand and pulled him in letting the arch close behind us. "Welcome back Khore" TK had xx videos said as I felt Bransen nearly jump out of his skin. I couldn't xvideos red help but to chuckle. "Kind of Skittish isn't he... Nice ass though!" "Watch your tone xvideos xvideos TK, this is the love of my life you're talking about." I said planting a kiss on his neck. "Who the hell is that?" he asked glancing around the bay in wonder. "That's TK, he's the ships computer. I'll explain the attitude later." "Attitude? I'm crushed... NOT!" the computer responded. wwwxvideos I pulled Bransen into me giving him yet another deep kiss. I felt as though I had the last 24 hours to make up for. "Follow me!" I nearly jogged down the hallway and xvideo com to the door to my quarters hoping this would soon become 'our' quarters. The arch opened and we entered. Bransen just stood staring x.videos into the room. "How did you find this?" Bransen asked looking xvids completely overwhelmed. "I was hiking, and I found the ruins that are above us. While reaching out with my mind I found a xvideos teen stairway xvideos gay beneath a huge square cut stone and decided to see where it led. It led here!" xvidoes "Okay... but what is this place?" "This is the largest most powerful battle cruiser in the Thoren fleet, or it had been until about 687,000 years ago. Being Khore's Mate and Lover you also captain and command this ship. Only you or your children and their descendants xvideo gay may ever command this vessel." Answered TK. "Come here you." I said pulling his bewildered face to mine running xvideos porn my fingers through his hair as our lips and tongues wrestled with each other. "Get your groove on!" TK broke the silence www.xvideos and our bliss. "TK!" "Yes oh lustful one?" TK responded. "You are not to initiate communication or give commentary while we are in this room unless specifically addressed or unless the ship or its crew porn xvideos are in any form of danger." I said quickly and probably a little too loud. "Whatever..." The computer responded. Bransen looked questioningly into my eyes as his furrowed eyebrows creased his forehead. They always did that when he had a question for me but didn't want to ask it aloud. "Later... How about we take a peak around our ship 'eh?" I asked. "You haven't yet?" He looked at me amazed! "No... I found the stairway and this ship late in the afternoon. I was so tired from pushing through video x xvideos 2 the jungle I went straight to bed." desi xvideos I paused "I xvideos indian missed your company." I wanted to pull him so close our hearts would touch. - - - Okay folks... This is my first story ever submitted to Nifty. Actually it's my first story of any real length since x videos.com I was in High School, and well... xx videos that's been a while longer than I care to admit. I haven't had porn xvideos any feedback lately hd xvideos and I wonder if xvideo gay I have x video.com screwed up. If there is somewhere you'd like to see this story go, or criticisms or suggestions you'd like to give I'd really appreciate it. I can't make this better without your help. It's your emails that motivate me to keep xvideoscom writing. So mom xvideos please do... My email porn xvideos is gaywriter72yahoo I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 21:06:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 11 - I Am xvideos com The following is a complete xvideos porno work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any xvido real xvideos in life person is completely coincidental. xvideos hentai Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this xxx videos please leave now. CHAPTER 11 I Am The team stared at us from around the table. It was too much information in too short a time. They were on sensory overload. I wanted to say, "Welcome to my world!" but decided against it considering their already battered sanity. Bransen's eyes glanced around the table taking stock of our team. He stood and introduced the team to the computer indicating each with his hand as he spoke. "TK, This is Doc, Chris, Sweed, Raven, Rift, Twist, Neek and Dusty. I think you're all familiar with the ship's smart ass computer." "Bite Me!" TK interrupted. Bransen breathed a deep sigh. "As I was saying... we can't change the computer. It has been programmed this way. You're all going to xvido have to deal with TK in your own way. Please acquaint yourselves with your new xvideos red quarters and take the evening off. Explore the ship, relax, do whatever you like. Tomorrow is going to be a full day and I need www.xvideos you fresh." TK spoke. "Everyone has been assigned separate compartments. If the groping and xvideo com foot play desi xvideos under the table are an indicator, I will www xvideos com be expecting room assignment xvideos.com updates. If you're going to be bumping uglies xvideos porn and sleeping together, please occupy xvideos indo only one room. There is sufficient space for two x vedios people. My power www.xvideo.com supply x videos may be endless, but you don't xvideos teen need to piss it away by keeping separate quarters." There was a slight pause. "Incidentally, I'm not a smart ass.... I'm fucking witty." Finishing; the next sound heard was a computer generated raspberry. I know that the computer didn't have a mouth or lips, but the sound was duplicated expertly. I could www xvideos almost hear the barrage of spittle. Watching the muscles ripple in the angle of x video.com Bransen's jaw I could see the raspberry had been effective. My laugh broke the tense www xvideos.com silence. Sweed's cheeks burned as he brought his hands up from beneath the table. The xvideos download look on his face made me laugh even louder. Sweed's gentleness of spirit is one of many endearing xvideo.com qualities. His blue eyes were focusing on anything but the others seated around the table. Raven looked guilty too, but did xvideo not divert xxx videos his eyes. His cheeks were now only slightly less flushed than Sweed's. He peered though black wwwxvideos wisps of hair daring anyone to comment. I envy the way he can appear so menacing while shorter than your average man. Images of an innocent xxxvideo black furred puppy came to mind. This puppy however, stared back defiantly after shitting on the floor bearing sharp teeth behind raised quivering www xvideos.com lips. Twist and Rift www xvideos com were grinning telugu xvideos at Sweed's embarrassment. I had been referring to them as the twins in my xvideos porno mind. Except for Twist's slightly more pointed chin and auburn hair they could have been brothers. xvideos gay They are the erotic thoughts that speed you to climax with night's handy work. Doc porno xvideos and Chris sat smiling at each xvedios other with knowing eyes. I noticed Dusty give Neek a slight elbow and quick nod in Sweed's direction. "Ahhhh isn't the xxvideos big guy just adorable!" came the smart ass remark from the ships computer. "That's it!" yelled Raven, slamming his fist into the table. Jumping up he pulled the gun from his side holster aiming xvideoscom it at the xvideos source of the voice. "Holster your weapon spaz." TK commanded. "One more fucking word and I'll shoot your xvideos .com ass!" His black eyes were slits as the cords of his neck strained. "Wrong answer." Spouted TK. A white flash of light replaced Raven wwwxvideos.com only seconds before another flash returned him. He no longer had his gun. What was most noticeable was a wet brown liquid soaking him from xvidoes head gay xvideos to toe. It was difficult at first to identify what he had xvideos 2 been submerged in. That question was answered as the rancid stench of sewage quickly filled the room. Raven best resembled a freshly submerged cat at bath time. Pissed off! "TK, transport Raven to his quarters immediately!" A flash of white light replaced Raven once more as the room exploded into laughter. Oh my GOD the stench was awful. I walked over to a very sober looking Sweed. "He'll be okay hon." I xvedios gave his shoulder a little squeeze. "Do you want to go to him?" Sweed nodded. "TK, transport Sweed to Raven's quarters." I ordered and Sweed was flashed away. Upon his departure I stifled a couple of giggles before regaining control of myself and returned to Bransen's side. His laughter had xvideo.com been instant and quickly xvideo subdued as he trained the smile from his face. I worried for Sweed. The image of wet cat and paralyzed mouse came to mind. "You have to do something about this." I sent the thought to Bransen. "I'm about to." He thought back to me. "Okay people... Let's calm down for a second. In light of recent events, I expect 'all' of you, 'especially' you Twist, to never mention what just happened here. Don't talk about it outside of your quarters. No rude xvidos comments or statements that even remotely allude to it. If you are afraid you may slip, do not speak to him. If by some strange twist of fate he brings up the incident; listen, and then let the topic die." Bransen paused. "You all know Raven and what kind of man he is. This is the first public display of videos x affection Raven has shown in over fifty years. It didn't end well and I'm worried about x vedios Sweed. Any harassment... ", Bransen centered his eyes xvedio on Twist, xx videos "could do serious damage to their xvideos download relationship. If you fuck with xvedio me on this, your new home will be where Raven has just been." "One last thing..." his voice video x had softened and a smile crept across his face, "I would strongly recommend against any attempts www xvideos to shoot the ship." Sporadic giggles wwwxvideos.com and laughter echoed from the shadowed walls porno xvideos of desi xvideos the bay. "Alright then, have a telugu xvideos good evening. TK, transport all but Khore and me to their quarters please." The rest of the team was blinked out of the room simultaneously leaving us alone. I turned and wrapped my arms around Bransen squeezing him tightly to xvideoss me. I felt his strong arms wrap around me pulling me closer. I tilted my head upward and whispered in his ear, "You're a good man xvideos hentai Bransen." "Yeah I know." He chuckled as we separated. I pressed against him for a swift kiss. His lips were so soft I was tempted to linger. "Would you mind if I spent the next few hours alone? I kind of need some time to myself. With all of this I haven't really had xvideos indo the chance, you know?" I was afraid of his reaction and had spewed the xvideos mom words out in a quick jumble. xvideos com "I don't see why that should be a problem." He said looking into my eyes. "But with two conditions. One... you have to be back by 23:00 hours... And two, I x videos.com get a goodbye kiss!" he said as he gripped my ass pulling me into him. "My pleasure." Our lips met gently in a slow but passionate kiss before reluctantly pulling away. "Thank you." I said xvideos.con running my fingers through his soft golden hair and down his strong square jaw. "TK, Random xvideos gays level, Hydroponics, Green Sector." The scenery changed in a flash of light. I was standing on a white sandy beach looking out to an ocean that appeared to have no end. I knew much of xvideos free it was simulated and illusion, but it looked real enough to me. I sat down in the white sand resting my elbows against my knees and my chin in the cup of my palms. The crash of waves brought the smell xvideos japanese of xvideos anal the sea to me as I gazed out at the purple xvieos and pink hue of impending sunset. The soft breeze caressed my skin as I sat thinking about nothing at all. This was the perfect place I had only imagined before in my mind. I watched as a seagull plunged into the water in pursuit of its evening meal. I closed my eyes to indian xvideos better savor xvideos tamil the world around xvideos free me. I wanted this moment. I wanted every smell and sound xxxvideo of www xvideos.com this perfect place etched into my mind xvideos indian forever. I sat completely still opening my eyes on occasion to mom xvideos see a new and spectacular panorama of color. I didn't so much feel the passage of time as I knew it existed. The simulated sun sank into the horizon with an almost audible hiss. Thoughts were rolling around in the back of my xvideos jp mind like so many distractions. I shifted my weight as I struggled hd xvideos to my feet. I felt the weakness in my legs from their lack of movement. "TK, Mirror, one meter wide by three meters tall." I xvideos video watched as an upright mirror grew from the sand showing me myself. I marveled at my reflection in the xvideos porn soft red and purple light of sunset. I pulled my skin tight shirt over my head and tossed it to the side. I then xvidios pulled off my pants and sent them away with a weak kicking motion from my right leg. I stared xvideos anal at the person in the mirror. It's strange. I can peer into someone's eyes, but I have never been able to look past my own. I tried yet again focusing my attention on the grey flecks within the icy blue of the iris that shown back at me. With all that I am, I still could not focus on the soul behind my eyes. Had it been someone else I would be able to see, but my focus still flickered from eye to eye xvideos brasil catching on remnants of grey. It was distracting. A feathered xvideos 2 movement caught my attention. The wind had bent a curl of xxxvideos my mid length dark brown hair as x vedios it spilled down my neck and past my shoulders. The thick white streak seemed to take on the hues of sunset framing my face as if by design. My dark long thick eyelashes winked www xvideos at me as I followed their curve to my thin but average nose. It was nestled between the non-descript soft ridges of my cheek bones xvideos brasil and the fleshy pink peaks of my upper xvids lip. My lower lip pouted into the curve of my tapered chin and jaw line which wrapped squarely to my ears. I wwwxvideos.com glanced further down to the hollow in the base of my neck. I had missed too many x.videos meals, but work in the gardens had kept my neck strong as it merged into my shoulders. I xvideos japan also noticed that my lack of sunlight ov